Important Information


Due to a busy sales schedule, we cannot store sold items of furniture and other large pieces at the saleroom. All items not collected within four working days of the auction (by 4pm) will be automatically removed to commercial storage and subject to a storage charge of £20 (plus VAT) per lot and to a further storage charge of £2 (plus VAT) per lot per part or the whole day after that. Where a buyer has bought a mixture of large and small pieces, the entire consignment will be sent to storage. Please note that for large consignments, there may be additional charges. These charges will be the sole liability of the purchaser and will be billed directly to them by Bradleys Furniture Carriers Ltd.

Purchasers who instruct Bradleys Furniture Carriers Ltd as their carriers/shippers will benefit from reduced or waivered storage charges. 

On payment of all sales and storage costs, items will be available for collection by appointment from Bradleys Furniture Carriers (Darlington, DL1 1AT). T: +44 1325 281332, E: 

Staff at the saleroom will be unable to answer questions relating to items removed from the saleroom. Bradleys Furniture Carriers Ltd sets the charges. We recommend contacting them directly regarding these charges and other storage-related queries. 

Collections from the Saleroom  

Collections from our Ripon saleroom are available Tuesday to Friday (9am-5pm). Collections are not possible at weekends. You can collect in person, instruct your shipper, or choose our recommended shipper listed below. Please note that we do not offer a shipping service ourselves. PLEASE NOTE THAT FROM 1ST OCTOBER OUR OPERATING HOURS ARE TUESDAY TO FRIDAY 9AM-5PM.



We do not offer a shipping service, but we give you below the details of our recommended shipper, who would be happy to quote you for the despatch of your items. Please note that lots will be released once they are paid for in full, and the shipping cost is payable directly to the company concerned. We will also need your prior authorisation before we release goods to any packer/shipper. 

Bradleys Antique Packing Services

T: +44 1325 281332


We regret that, as we have no packing facilities, we cannot pack your lots for your shipper or carrier to collect, so if you intend to arrange your own method of transport, please ensure that the firm you employ understands that they will also need to pack. 

Condition Reports

Condition Reports are provided upon request; the absence of a Condition Report does not imply that a lot is without imperfections. Staff members are not trained restorers or conservators, and, particularly for higher-value lots, you should obtain an opinion from such a professional before the auction. We recommend that you always view a lot in person. We are primarily agents for the seller. We are dependent on information provided by the seller, and whilst we may inspect lots and act reasonably in taking a general view about them, we are generally unable to carry out a detailed or any examination of lots to ascertain their condition in the way in which it would be wise for a buyer to do. Intending buyers can inspect goods and therefore accept responsibility for inspecting and investigating lots in which they may be interested. Please note the exclusion of liability for the condition of lots contained in the Conditions of Sale. Neither the seller nor we, as the auctioneers, accept any responsibility for their condition. In particular, mechanical objects of any age are not guaranteed to be in working order. In specified circumstances, lots misdescribed because they are ‘deliberate forgeries’ may be returned and repayment made. There is a 21-day time limit for this. (The expression ‘deliberate forgery’ is defined in our Conditions of Sale).

Some lots in this catalogue are accompanied by gemmological certificates, which give an opinion on various aspects of some or all of the stones in any particular lot. These certificates may have been provided to Elstob Auctioneers by the seller or obtained by Elstob Auctioneers for the seller. It should be noted that the content of these certificates is a statement of opinion of the issuing gemmological laboratories only and cannot be guaranteed by Elstob Auctioneers, who will not be held responsible for any disagreement over the content of any certificates after the sale. We can also not be held accountable for any retrospective change of opinion by the providers of any given certificate.

Images in this catalogue, unless expressly stated, are not life-sized. Weights and measurements given in the catalogue descriptions are approximate only.

Unless stated otherwise in the catalogue description, prospective buyers should assume that all stones offered for sale by Elstob Auctioneers have been subject to treatments. It is common practice for coloured stones to be subject to treatment to enhance their appearance, including jade. Please contact the department if you have any questions regarding stone treatments or enhancements.

Some lots, such as those containing ivory, tortoiseshell, coral, etc., may require export or CITES licences to leave the UK or the European Union. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that lots have the relevant licences before shipping them. Please get in touch with the department for assistance.

Please also note that some countries, such as the United States, prohibit purchasing and importing objects from certain countries, such as Iran, Persia and Burma/Myanmar. The buyer must satisfy themselves that the purchased lot may be imported into the destination country.